Episode 94: 90 Day Fiance, Teen Mom 2 & My Surrogacies & the Flipping Out Lawsuit


This week on RealiTV, Jodie tackles the beautiful mess that is TLC’s 90 Day Fiance (0:00). From Nicole’s pond formed by the runoff at the apartmotel dump, to Family Pedro’s shared ice cream cone, you’ll want to stick around. On Teen Mom 2 (34:34), Leah tries out her acting chops and some new hair extensions to seduce Jermy, while David taints the air with something even the current EPA would find concerning. Lastly, Jodie gives her thoughts on Jeff Lewis (of Bravo TV’s Flipping Out) and the lawsuit filed by the Surrogate who gave birth to his daughter (52:37). Jodie is a 2x surrogate for gay couples and knows all the ins & outs of intended parents & the women who create their families. To hear even more about that, be sure to subscribe to Moms on the Rocks Podcast!

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