Episode 93: 90 Day Fiance, Teen Mom 2 & Jersey Shore


This week in RealiTV, 90 Day Fiance (0:00) exposes a whole new level of delusion in Family Chantal. Nicole goes wedding dress shopping, which was more traumatizing than Evelyn going lingerie shopping. Also, David ruins another meal by just being himself, and Molly comes to her senses without having to resort to owl witchcraft. On Teen Mom 2 (33:20), Jenelle and David suffer through 18 hours of their own children, and Leah pretends to know what a therapist is. Kail dresses up to be a podcaster, which leads to Jodie ranting about the wtf-ery of it all. To round things out, some quick thoughts on Jersey Shore (54:52)…because cabs are here!

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