Episode 89: Southern Charm, Teen Mom 2 & Real Housewives of Potomac


This week in RealiTV, Jodie experiences her first taste of that good ol Southern Charm! Who would have thought that Disney has a diamond in the rough hiding amongst the cast…guess who… Also, Teen Mom 2 brought the babies AND the “bougie” when Kail forgot she wasn’t Oprah. Perhaps she should take some notes from the ladies of Real Housewives of Potomac in how to behave. Just kidding, they’re garbage people too. Listen in as we count down to 90 Day Fiance premiering THIS SUNDAY…because really, what else matters? And…stay tuned for a super exciting special announcement 😉


Southern Charm (0:00)

Teen Mom 2 (19:50)


RHOP (42:35)


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