Bonus Episode: Kim from People Are Wild Podcast!

Kim, a badass traveling ER nurse & host of People Are Wild Podcast, joins me and answers all the questions I have been dying to ask. She fills us in on how the ER sees all kinds of wild stuff, from My 600 Lb. Life-like patients, to Teen Moms, Munchie Moms, and even how inmates and suspects in custody are handled. As Kim & I get cozy with one another, we get into the nitty gritty…they got WHAT stuck WHERE?! And who knew there were things called “medical maggots”? Get your gag reflex in check & then check out this fun trip to the Wildest ER.

Check out Kim on “People Are Wild” on all your favorite podcast apps.

@PeopleAreWild on Twitter


Official Website


IG & Twitter @RealiTVpod

RealiTV Podcast FB Snark 




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