Episode 82: This Week in RealiTV 3.30.18


This week in RealiTV Jodie wraps up 60 Days In and continues to sing her jailhouse praises for Johnny and Nate. She also dives into the Sister Wives Tell All and Family Fun Night with some theories on what is contained in Christine’s carpet (hint: tacos). Be sure to check out Jodie recapping MTV’s Catfish with Kate Casey on her podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey this week!

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Married at First Sight (0:00)
60 Days In (15:35)
Teen Mom OG (25:50)
Young & Pregnant (42:57)
Sister Wives (59:15)
3 Wives, 1 Husband (1:22:30)
Real Housewives of Atlanta RHOA (1:30:40)

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