Episode 80: This Week in RealiTV 3.16.18


RealiTV Friday is here!!
This Week in RealiTV… Jodie breaks down all the best & worst shows this week. From Meri’s goddamn B&B to Kody documenting Maddie’s “crowning moment”, Farrah’s firing to Amber’s Bootcamp meltdown(s), it’s all here!
Sister Wives (0:00)
3 Wives, 1 Husband (20:12)
Teen Mom OG (34:50)
TM Young & Pregnant (49:02)
60 Days In (1:00:00)
My Big Fat Fab Life (1:05:00)
Bridezillas (1:13:00)
Marriage Bootcamp (1:25:00)
Survivor (1:31:00)
Married at First Sight (1:36:00)

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